Saturday, July 31, 2010

things are always changing

I wanted to just let you know that change is constant and I feel like my company name is constantly changing. So finally, I think I have it down. I think I have it handled. Perhaps, I was a doggy darling all along. I have a few more calls to make and then more business cards to recreate. This is definitely a learning experience. If anyone has bits of advice for a small tiny little business, particularly dog walking or pet sitting, by all means, let me know:) I will keep you posted!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Look!

Every so often I think I want to change it up a little bit. Today I figured, "go with more colors"! I am designing my professional site and that's going to be all about the pets and slightly less feminine and less about the chick details, so here is where I can be fun and creative. I have added a few buttons just to be different. Don't feel obligated in any way to click on a reaction button or to share my posts, but it's just an option and an alternative to writing a comment. Since more people seem to use the internet to share stories, these icons with the different internet feeds (twitter, facebook) are available, I may as well use them. Maybe, I will even use them on my professional site, except I did not purchase a blog product on that site. It's a learning process and there is way more to building that site than this site, as I get more say on where things go on that site. I have a lot to learn and coding is not even involved.

I will certainly let you all know when my business is all set. I think I should be hearing from the state of Florida in the next week; at that point, I think I will be more comfortable with creating my site for public consumption, although the domain is there and so is a coming soon post (on my doggydiva site). See you guys soon! No more fear~~ I can't take my self too seriously. This is a dog walking business!

Keep coming back (to the site)!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Business cards and a web site~I am on my way, except...

So I went to the FedEx/Kinko's office first. I went there first since the lady who helped Jeff with his business cards was very helpful and efficient. She knew what she was doing. However, when I arrived there, the other lady was there. The lady with no answers. The lady who wasn't able to help me by even knowing if they could help me with graphics that were original. Apparently, they have some "new system". The lady that wasn't even sure if the other lady would have time to help me with the other jobs she had to do. So, I took my business to Office Depot. Yay for choices in America! The Office Depot was great; they helped me with my logo, even though I realized after I put the order in, that I may have to add or change certain things about the card based on feedback or business traffic (or the lack thereof). I am pleased with my Doggy Diva cards. They are so simple. Love them! I look forward to showing you!

While I love to keep you all informed and I love to keep this site updated, today's post is all about procrastination and fear. Yes the P word and the F word. They have loomed large in the last few days right after I purchased a domain and followed that up with purchasing a web hosting/building product on MY VERY OWN site. That I bought. That I continue to envision. That I have to build with help from the other company. Sorry, Blogger, but its slightly unprofessional to try to use a free site with blogspot in the name and the logo on the bottom. You are fantastic, however, for my personal blogging and all. So thanks, Blogger for understanding!! When I have this other site all ready, I will let you all know; if you want to visit the site, let me know and I can send you the link. I am not sure if I will put it on the blog site or not. I definitely don't have this all figured out. I am in fear that I will have no business. I am in fear that after all this, I will actually have to get up really early in the morning again. Which obviously means I am in fear of actually having clients after I have practiced heartily the act of sleeping in late for the last year and half. In fear with the prospect of lots of business or no business at all. So, I will back up a little bit and realize that I haven't even marketed myself and I have not even started at the humane society, which is coming up next! One thing at a time. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

So I completed the humane society's volunteer application and called the lady in charge. I am awaiting the return phone call. One foot in front of the other. The next project is to read the email from the web host on hints on how to set up that site. One foot in front of the other.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doggy is the winner!

After getting over my excitement about all office supplies colored pink, I got down to business, literally. I had to make the important distinction between doggie and doggy. Doggy seemed to be quite popular on web sites. In fact, it was so popular, I could not get the domain of my first choice, a dot com address. Go Daddy wanted to know what it was going to be: .org, .me, .mobi, .biz. The ....'s go on. I chose the dot biz because it suited me and it was very helpful to know which were intended for different purposes (other than the obvious non profit dot org). This dot bizness is new to me. So very new.

I signed up for a year because it seemed to be the cheapest and you can renew it and if I was a bigger business, maybe I would spend more and buy a longer commitment. A year seemed just fine. Just like a 250 count of business cards will be more than enough. I am still figuring out the lay out of the card, but I think I have a few ideas! Apparently, I need to focus on the next right thing. First cards, then web page design. It seems that I will need a little help in the form of paid assistance on line or via a phone call to Go Daddy's tech support. It's not quite as easy as a DIY fee blog site (thank you by the way Blogger!)...

I will keep you posted. Promise. I will even let you see the site when it's born.
Now to find some clip art!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Doggie or doggy?

I went to a humane society yesterday to volunteer my time and gain valuable experience for my new business. As soon as I picked up an application for the volunteer position, I was compelled to pick up one for fostering as well (Jeff knows I am going to come home with a pet sooner or later). But seriously, as soon as I realized how seriousI am about volunteering to walk animals that have been abandoned and possibly harmed or abused, I realized how much I loved animals period. Picking up the application was a catalyst to get the business really off the ground. I started thinking of "the name" that would look great on my new business cards. It was off to Walmart to finish my errands for the day.

I promptly drove directly to the Walmart to pick up a notebook and hole puncher for work I am doing with another agency when the whole idea of buying office supplies hit me. OFFICE SUPPLIES! I love office supplies, even when my dad brought me home cheap day- timers from previous years and random highlighters from his office when I was a kid in his Georgetown brownstone. I became giddy with joy in the aisle of really cool and awfully cute supplies. Pink supplies. Supplies I would need were pink and I think there were striped and polka dotted supplies. I absolutely MUST start my business now. An application and a stroll through a Walmart aisle. Who knew?

This morning, during the time in which I was waiting for a fax to be transmitted at the Office Depot, I started pricing business cards. Glossy, semi-gloss, matte...oh my! Two-sided also? This is too much fun. I can't wait to get started.

And I still need a perfect name! I am narrowing it down. So, is it doggy or doggie? I have a Doctorate, and yet, I can't spell a cutesy name! What gives? Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I decided after a bit of confusion and lack of focus that this would be my last entry in the2008 Dating Experiment. I had at least one moe, but recently realized that living in the past is really jacking up my ability to live in the moment. I promised you all a few of these memories and this is my most memorable disaster in my 2008 Dating experiment. Chronologically, the Cougar Town guy was the LAST disaster before reuniting with my now-husband Jeff. I will divulge the short and bittersweet tale of this not-so-superhero. I will just call him Superman, as really, he would be so proud.

So, this was a choice meeting. We met through photos and profiles (and I won't even divulge the site or his screen name, but think of key words like SUPERMAN). Anyway, we talked on the phone a few times, but both of us, equally tired by the same mode of dating, agreed to just meet. He knew I did not drink so he was wise to not suggest a bar, but he did suggest dinner downtown. I dressed nicely and so did he. Based on first impressions, he scored big. He had class, charisma, and a really good sense of humor. He wasn't even hard to look at. I have to say that things went quite well that night. We had a long date, but all in public and quite G rated (are you allowed to kiss in G movies? I know cartoon characters can...or is that when they are married?). So maybe PG.

He walked me to my car and I only heard one mention of Superman; he was wearing a Superman watch. I think he had a belt, but don't quote me on that because I am not 100% certain. So after this date, he surprised me a few days later with a visit to my house and picked me up to go bowling. We had a lot of fun, though I think I had only bowled once before with absolutely no beer involved. This was a novel date for me (though I am sure this is a fairly cliched date for many). He invited me that weekend for a pre-season Broncos game and I think this was going to be my first sleep over date. I had not yet seen his house. I had heard about it, but again, I took a separate car and brought my dog (he was cool with my dog Max) over. Now, like I said, I am not certain about the Superman belt buckle. As I toured his house, I saw the Superman towels, Superman quilt/blanket, and I was reminded of the Superman watch, which I told him "I remember our first date", though I have seen that watch on the subsequent dates. I get it. He LOVES Superman. What I did not prepare for, what I could have not expected, when I decided to date someone my own age (being 39 and all) were the contents of his closet. He opened the door. He showed me his outfit.

Yes. He had a SUPERMAN cape and outfit with a big S on it. I am not joking. I can not make this shit up. I swear to God, at this moment in time, I wished that I had taken a picture with my cell phone. After I spent the night, he left for California early in the morning. I knew that was the plan. Accidentally (and definitely not in the insecure chick way), I left my contacts, my socks and my favorite pink J.Crew hoodie. That was definitely an accident. I loved that hoodie. If I was leaving stuff in the insecure manner, I would have intentionally "forgotten" something far less significant to me. Don't ask how I know this. After spending time with Superman, he did divulge his Kryptonite. He over -shared. I knew a little bit of what could bring him to his knees. It just never got that far. He called me when he came back.

I saw him Monday evening, though now 2 weeks after our very first conversation and a week or two after our first date, he was very late and promised that he would take me out for a proper date and spend more time later that week; he just had a deadline that was very pressing. Hmmmm. I did actually believe this at first as he really gave me no reason to doubt him. Other than a few rocks of Kryptonite lying around. He promised a date for Wednesday and indeed, followed that up with a few phone calls on Wednesday delaying the time. Becsause he told me he would pick me up at my house, I was not fully inconvenienced, other than the obscene lack of respect and consideration for my time! He called twice; ultimately, he called at 6:30 or so promising he'd see me in an hour and would call on his way.

That 6:30 phone call would be the last time I would ever hear from Superman. I never heard another word, another text message, no email, no correspondence from our origin of meeting. NOTHING. That night I called him. Many times. At first, I was angry. He was late and inconsiderate. After a few hours (around 9 p.m.), I was actually worried. Can you imagine? I was actually concerned that he would be in a car accident, preventing his ability and dedication to keeping our date and calling me with the news of crashing his car. If he was really Superman, his omnipotence would have gotten him to my place at 6:35 after he popped in at the closest phone booth. What gives? So, after the evening passed, I did not really know how to feel. I went to bed. Then I knew. Very early the next day.

I called my best friend and we engaged in some very irresponsible stalking in the next several days, which led inevitably to the next week;there was a road trip to his neighborhood and a brief evening waiting for him at his favorite bar (after we hung out at a country western place, but you know how compromise is!). There were guesses in how long it would take before he would come to his senses, before I would at least get my crap back. Then, one day, it occurred to me (when I was being all spiritual and stuff), "LETITGO". Letitgo.Letitgo. And that's how I let go of Superman, my contacts, my hoodie and the memories of picking up some one's Krytponite (maybe he didn't want me to see it so early on, hmmm?).

So that's the last little tidbit of my 2008 dating experiment. I wanted to share the last little tale, but I actually run into this person once in a while when I am back in Colorado. Even the title of the tale that's in my head would elicit an enormous amends. I really can't live that way anymore. I don't have the time.

Another birthday...another day

I just had another birthday yesterday. It was awesome and between all my Facebook contacts and family and friends off that network, I felt quite loved. Jeff held all my family gifts (sent to me)hostage and presented them to me on my birthday, which was necessary so that I had something to actually open. I tend to rip anything open right away if its addressed to me. Jeff then surprised me with a Nook from Barnes and Noble. While I have at least five books I have not even read at home, he knows that I am going to finally plow through those now that I am back from Colorado and San Antonio and I am almost halfway through my current book which reads more like a history book than anything (because it is). As soon as I get to my pleasure books, I think I will be getting through one a week. We had a nice little lunch in a not so fancy place and went to Barnes and Noble so I could get a bit of an education about the Nook (though I did most of my research in Denver). I got to select my favorite Nook cover and actually found a cover that matches my Kate Spade day time (and to think that Kate Spade makes Nook covers-she really covers all the bases. I wished I knew that when I was smoking. Just kidding, Mom!).

After the Barnes and Noble purchase, we went home and Jeff blew up one of the rafts given to us by my sister and her family (for my birthday). We had a brief dip in the pool, until Jeff remembered that I get 41 dunks. Very wet. Very very wet. I felt like I was in a washing machine for about 45 minutes. I am sure it was more like 10 minutes, but it felt like 45. The time went so fast.

I spent the early evening making cupcakes and getting ready for friends to come over for burgers and cupcakes after the meeting. By the time they came over, I needed help and realized I did spend the whole day acting like a birthday child and not a responsible adult expecting dinner guests. I employed my female guest in the kitchen and she out-cupcaked me! She decorated my two dozen cupcakes and they look fabulous! I wish I had a photo for you all. While she decorated my cupcakes brilliantly, I was making rosemary and garlic oven potatoes. Again, a photo would have been a great addition to this post, I know. We had tons of fun cooking and eating. Before I knew it, my birthday had vanished in the night and I looked at my watch when our guests had to go and tend to their dog at home. ONE A.M.?! And that marked the beginning of my forty-first year. Not too shabby!