Monday, September 27, 2010

Consequences of an ex-smoker

Due to a few circumstances in motion at the mo, I smoked four cigarettes fairly quickly in a chain smoking fashion. Boy, was I stressed! And as a faithful ex-smoker, I promptly vomited and heaved some more. Perhaps it's the stress, but more likely, it was the smoking. It's so awesome to be an ex-smoker. If I took to it like I was smoking a pack yesterday, I'd be in real trouble. Just a blip on the radar. These things do NOT have to happen, but it did and I will move on. I have absolutely no desire to make smoking something I do today... Or ever again. Gross... For me, that's all. I'm not judging. I'm just saying, for me... Gross. In fact, I will probably buy some water and institute a detox plan even though the nicotine is out if my system by now.

I will be on the road pretty soon again, but I will have my laptop with me. So many things happening. Once, I get over the big transition, I will be able to get everyone up to speed...maybe in a few months. I will be writing faithfully on subjects of books, movies, etc... And of my daily desire to continue a life as an ex-smoker!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Peony in Love was great! My nook... Fantastic!

So, in finishing my first official book on my Nook (that's the Barnes and Noble version), I have become an avid fan of my Nook! I learned that keeping it in airplane mode keeps the charge much longer... even when you are reading late at night, nice and comfy on your bed. When I need to download a book from the Internet, which is imminent, I will take it off airplane mode to get that temporary Internet connection I need to buy the book from B&N.

Regarding Peony in Love, I loved the historical fiction; I had no idea this book was written about a real opera. I was intrigued by the story line and while the customs are so different from our Western modern culture, I surprisingly did not find them hard to believe (in the context of that dynasty, that period, that hemisphere). I have enjoyed reading Lisa See's other novels. I am not sure about starting her detective series, but I am sure I will be reading them in the not so distant future. This book is on my list of favorites, do I decided to not be so redundant and omitted it from my recently read page.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A public service announcement from your favorite former smoker

I know I have not spoken about this resolution for a really long time. I needed some strength and longevity between me and my last Marlboro Light before providing updates on the subject! So, we all remember when I set this as my new years resolution. I honestly do not recall if I confessed my nicotine relapse, but it happened a day after Easter and I continued to smoke til April 30. I have NOT smoked since. SERIOUSLY!! I have quit for the longest time ever at this point and having over four months has been fabulous for my health. I can breathe better; I haven't gotten sick; I have really been cooking way more (and eating a lot). Of course, I think about it... I did enjoy smoking to an extent. The problem was that I didn't like any of the side effects (ash tray breath, smelly hair, smelly clothes, respiratory compromise,etc). Around the time I have stopped, the Marlboro brands have discontinued their use of the qualifying characterstics (no more lights, ultra lights, etc). There is a gold pack, silver pack... Yeah, yeah ... Every devoted smoker will still know what they are smoking, but the idea of a "lighter" cigarette is disappearing from marlboro labels. I am really happy to hear this. It is definitely not a safer cigarette!! I have smoked reds; the old "lights" were simply not as harsh feeling. That's all... Just a few more chemicals added to make my perception warped enough to smoke more. And just so we are clear, it took me a very long time to get these four months. I am not judging. I'm just saying....

And for you smoking haters out there: this isn't about you! I actually loved smoking. Couldn't put it down! How do you think I got to this point!
I enjoyed the social aspect, but realized I can be social with out taking a drag. I longed for the calm I would reliably cling to within a few seconds that only lasted a few minutes. However, this calm can easily be achieved with focused meditation which I have been working on daily lately. Overall, I just love that I've divorced myself successfully from the Marlboro Man. Y E S !!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010 a jet plane

Just a quick note to all of you faithfully checking in and seeing what I am up to:

I am leaving in a few hours and will be in D.C. later this afternoon! Jeff will not be joining me till he arrives late Monday afternoon with the car! I'm going solo to stay with my mom, then Jeff and I will meet up at the lovely Savoy Suites on late Monday afternoon and see family on Tuesday (lunch with Dad and dinner with Mom and some of Jeff's family)...

I won't have my computer, but I will post from my fabulous iPhone!!
See you all soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy anniversary TotheMax!!

I was going to start this post, honestly, with a bit of a blurb on how deja-vu it is that we are going on a trip to the north a tad earlier than last year and I was just starting my blog about a year ago this month. I said to myself, "whoa, I really think it was right about now that I started this blog". So, in doing about 45 seconds of research I realized that today is the ONE YEAR anniversary of my first post! On September 6, 2009, I wrote "How to fall in love with a puggle". I got one comment from Shireen, I believe. So, in dedication to my beautiful puggle, I will dedicate this anniversary post to Max.

Max is now 3 years old and has seen the country: he has romped with horses in New Jersey; Max has been in the pond on Jeff's mom's property in Greenville, Maine, treading water next to our canoe; he has smelled the fragrances of thirteen states! I have posted about a number of these states and while I haven't shared stories of all Max's adventures, rest assured, he is quite content. I think he was thrilled the day we packed up the RV to leave Rock Harbor Marina. It was a great stay for us and I learned how to SCUBA there (remember TA?), but the dogs struggled daily with the broken glass and scrappy aluminum garbage street side as we took our daily walks. Finally, we brought the family up to Naples, Florida to a RV park with a plush walking path. The dogs were in heaven! We spent a few weeks there and then it was off to what would become our last RV park, the Venice/Myakka River KOA. We spent about 3 weeks there and between my posts on our real estate adventures, you know the trek ended here. We found a house in nearby Englewood on about 1.5 acres of property; the dogs are starting to be experts in their territory.

This year has been pretty crazy: new RV experience, new states, starting a RV trip in the first year of our marriage, leaving behind a lot of friends, Lidiya having a boy, the list could go on ad infinitum. The point is, I think is that I thought my life couldn't get any more unpredictable than January of 2009. Here I am, starting a dog walking business and I have Max, Sadie, and Fenway to thank for that inspiration, and of course Jeff, for his support!

Thanks for reading and keep following! On a note regarding following and my anniversary, I have decided to keep it fresh with new changes all the time and I am going to add a new list! You are always free to comment!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peony In Love: my first Nook Book

I am currently reading Peony In Love and because I enjoyed reading Lisa See's other novels about young girls growing up in China (at very different times in history), I am now reading a third novel by her. The difference is that I am finally getting around to using the Nook Jeff gave me for my birthday. It is amazing that while you can swipe the bottom of the nook to simulate turning a page (which does not seem to work that well and I will have to check that out), you can also just press a button to advance the page. Push a button. Wow!! Reading books is even easier than before and it was pretty simple then. Even though I have about 4-7 other books that are physically waiting on my shelves to read, they have taken residence getting dusty as this Nook is going to be so much easier to pack in my purse and I don't have to have another heavy back up book in case I finish this on the trip I am taking next Friday. I can just download another book just before getting on the plane. Very cool!

To be honest, I really wanted the Nook, while at the same, waxing nostalgic that I would miss the printed page and the organic feeling of having a real book in my hands to grasp and reread pages, look back to the cover, etc. A book to finish. A book to feel accomplished with by putting it on the bookshelf with all my other novels. Yesterday, I took a look at that small pile of books yet to read and felt a few pangs of guilt as I picked up my Nook (with a sweet Kate Spade Nook cover to boot!). When I get back from my two week journey to visit family between Washington, D.C. and Maine, I will work on completing those books. I look forward to lighten the load of those physical books, both paperback and hardback. After bringing some to my mom up in D.C. and having Jeff sell some on the internet, I plan on taking a hiatus from purchasing books other than the Nook. This is simplifying and it's starting to feel great just thinking about it. Maybe once in a while, I will buy a real book. If an author comes into town and I want his/her book signed. If I am buying a book for someone else. If I actually have to buy a book....then again, the old compulsion to take home real books may seduce me. I can't help it. I love books. I love my Nook.