Saturday, August 21, 2010

A list of favorite books will be coming soon!

I will keep my running list of recent books read, but people have been asking if they are my favorite books. Nooo, not really! I haven't read something that would qualify for a while. I will review my list to make sure, but the favorite list will come up this week some time! Now, when I say "my favorites", I am talking about books I have enjoyed reading the most; I have loved reading tons of impressive books for English class, Shakespeare literature courses, blah blah blah... I don't have the time to impress people with all the amazing literature I have read in my lifetime. I could care less. I want to share with you the books I loved so much because they changed the way I think or because they made me cry or smile and laugh! They are the books I keep coming back to when people ask me for books they should read! I haven't recommended Shakespeare for a really long time, or D.H. Lawrence for that matter!

I need some focus here...

So, it occurred to me lately that I did have focus for my blog last year. The whole point of starting it 11 months ago (can you believe it?Almost a whole year?!) was so that I could relate the adventures of our RV trip across the country. Now that we found a place to live, I've been losing focus and writing about random stuff, old dating stories, rants about Facebook, whatever... When I started this blog I had three followers and now I have five! How cool is that! Now that I have left Facebook and this is my sole forum for reaching friends and family and maybe absolutely complete strangers, I think I need a little focus so people know what to expect. Of course, it's still my site and I may have to rant or tell some random story whenever it pops into my head and deems suitable enough to write down.

I am thinking that I need to find a book club to join as I have never stopped loving reading, devouring and talking about books! That must be my new focus; it just makes sense! So all of you followers, please let me know about any books you think I may enjoy... No trashy romance or fantasy science fiction. I don't think I have ever picked up a self-help book, but if there is one or a whole library you think I should read, suggest gently, yes? If anyone in the Venice/Englewood/Sarasota area knows of a book club, let me know as the hasn't given me any indication of one. I am going to visit craiglist next. Then, hey, maybe I will just have to start one, hmmm??!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

One last note on Facebook and I'll shut up (and by the way, I have left Facebook, finally)!

So, I finally made the plunge. What made me do it finally, however, was not my word that I would finish my scrabble game with an old high school friend; unfortunately, I could not wait that long. I was annoyed by postings of people who were simply expressing their opinions of Eat Pray Love, but it seems that their opinions were not derived from any actual life experiences. Instead they were commenting on Eat Pray Love, the movie. They even were commenting on the book, according to Oprah's show. It was not even evident if all the commenting on this blog was based on reading the memoir. It seemed these people were simply thinking that the movie was about some woman wallowing in simple self-pity and went around the world and spent a lot of money in a year and maybe, this would be some good eye candy, at least. Hmmmm.....

So, except to say that if any of these commenters had the courage to admit to the world self pity, let go of lots of material possessions, with no guarantee of a place to stay or work, I really can't take the opinions seriously. Really, how could I? It is so easy to talk about an individual's self- pity and judge how some one lives their life and makes choices. I couldn't imagine having the courage to do what Elizabeth Gilbert did, but I think about it sometimes. I LOVED this book and I related so intimately to it. I know countless other women who related as well. I am pretty sure I read this with my book club, but I know I read it before then. I have to go back to Ms. Gilbert's website and see what's going on with her these days (aside from her book still in hardback, Committed). I think that the commenters on my friend's page may not have understood the self-esteem that plummets with the relationships Ms Gilbert had and the choices she made in the trappings of those same relationships. Maybe they do and think it's a mistake to let everyone know that you are in self-pity and seeking spiritual help. Maybe, just maybe, that's why the post on Facebook listed it as one of the worst books or movies (I can't remember which one). I am planning on seeing this movie again with another wonderful woman this coming Sunday. I saw it the first time with my best friend; we both could relate from the VERY FIRST SCENE. Yes, the.very.first.scene. Tears and tears...and more tears and smiles. Everyone has issues, even those who judge others admitting defeat and self-pity.

So, now, I guess that you readers are really clear on why I left Facebook. I know, some haters are just going to say "well, you just don't like any opinions that are not yours" or "be more tolerant" or "won't you miss the daily posts and pictures of people growing up". Seriously, I have been tolerant for more than a year; there comes a time when you DO GET TO DECIDE how you spend your time. You don't have to be forced to read Facebook posts or choose which of your "friends" you are going to avoid and "hide" from your view. I never wanted to hide my high school friend's posts, but I am not going to listen to people who constantly trash talk people (the President of the United States or Elizabeth Gilbert, for that matter). It's a free country. They have freedom of the press and I have the freedom to leave Facebook.

Oh, and by the way, according to Vickie, if I leave Facebook book, I have to blog more. Point taken. You will definitely see more of me!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leaving Facebook

I have to say that sometimes it is hard to let go. My family and close family friends have an active presence on Facebook; I will miss their photos and updates. If they want, they have my personal email and my blog address; they can come for a visit in this virtual play land. That will be the challenge to let go. And...sometimes....people make it really freaking easy to deactivate from Facebook. Seriously, I have had this big issue with several people on Facebook, whether they owe me large sums of money and still pretend to be my "friend" or people that are so politically oriented to assassinating one person on an almost daily basis. Can you imagine being attacked daily (I imagine if you are in politics this happens)? Would you stay on Facebook and keep listening/watching someone being character assassinated? That does not make sense. So one friend continually attacks a public and political persona, yet expends no positive energy toward the advancement or accolades of his chosen party, well at least not as often as he vents against others. We used to respect the President of the United States, even if we did not vote for him or don't agree with him. I guess there is a decline of morals in the U.S. of A. Who knew! We even left people alone rather than defaming the character of others. Because it is kind. Because it is human. I have realized on Facebook it is just so easy to defame and libel because it makes someone feel bigger, more important because he can scream louder. Wow, very spiritual. Freedom of speech is powerful and it is a privilege we possess in the U.S. It does not come with out consequences. Can someone yell "fire" in a crowded movie theater. NO! It's misleading and sends people into panic and chaos. If someone wants to abuse their sense of freedom of speech, this isn't spiritual; watching people panic in chaos seems masochistic. If a woman cries "rape" on Facebook, is it freedom of speech?Absolutely. But if it is false, it's damaging. Freedom of speech may be a right, but it should be used rightly, not to harm. Justice isn't going to be served on Facebook. I just don't get much of what goes on Facebook lately.

Of course, I can defriend anyone any time. You know what that is? That is, to me, in my humble opinion, cowardly. Press a button and denounce your friendship? Really, it's that easy? Well, for those people who I friended as old acquaintances from high school that mean nothing (other than maybe three or four people who even TALKED to me in high school), yes, it is THAT easy. Should it be that easy to push a button and defriend those I had friendships and relationships with for years? It is, but it should not be. Though people are telling me that it is that easy, I have my doubts. On one hand, the people I would defriend that are closer than antique high school acquaintances may not even know I have defriended them. The other hand is my conscience. The other hand tells me that it is not about them. To thine own self be true. If I am being honest, I need to know that defriending someone means to me, I really don't want to be their friend so much. At all. IN.REAL.LIFE.

I think that by leaving Facebook, I will have time to work on my blog, my new business web site, my new life and opportunities with greater focus. There is also that vague chance that developing an identity here in Florida can be done successfully without my involvement on Facebook. According to Betty White, Facebook is a colossal waste of time. I am not sure I 100% agree because, after all, I did get back in touch with wonderful college friends and a few of those high school friends that talked to me back then. And if they talked to me back then, I want to talk to them now.

I know people are not going to agree with going to extremes and just leaving Facebook. As soon as I finish playing Scrabble with an old high school friend, I am outta there!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting settled, then taking off!

I am starting to really get settled here and get a little less nervous with my business and just have fun with it! I am currently working on the web site and I hope to redesign my business cards as soon as I get my amended certificate of status from the Florida state department. One step at a time. One day at a time. Take it easy. I am so glad I can slow down and not get to stressed; I am sleeping so much better when I remember not to take this too seriously. Enjoying the work motivates me to get the next right thing done much more quickly!