Monday, September 16, 2013

Messages to the universe, Part II

I cleared up the confusion. I am doing the work, making it quite clear to the universe I am waiting for change. I am not carrying on with a non-relationship (anymore) that was keeping me from future promise and now; I kid you not, I have some promise already....this universe works faster than I thought it would. I have the potential for a relationship. How amazing! As for the other clutter in my life, I am working on that as well, successfully I may add. I am working to make my life emotionally clutter free and it's actually working. My physical goals are coming together also. I have been increasing my work out/walk days to three times a week; it looks like I am due to walk three days this week and I can do it. I did not have fast food last week and I am not going to eat any this week either. I think between my walking and eating right, I can lose another ten pounds! I am keeping a diary of it all and lost it on my iPhone, which was disappointing because I had three weeks of records. Thankfully,I only have one week left.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Messages to the universe, part I

As I send messages out to the universe about what I am hoping for, I realize I may not be completely be consistent. I can't continue to act in a way that confuses the universe; for example, I really do truly want a real relationship and after three years since I separated from my ex-husband, I think I am ready. I am telling the universe, screaming, that I am indeed ready! For commitment, for fun, for the long haul. So why am I carrying on with a certain someone, doing nothing productive, but acting bored. This is certainly confusing the universe. Hell, its confusing me! I think a nice succinct text is in order to end things, so I can focus on my more genuine intentions at hand. I want to spend more time on me and my goals for physical fitnss as well as time on a relationship and can not be spending time on non productive interchanges between myself and certain people. As I go into hibernation, I will be showing my true intentions to the universe. And I really hope you are listening universe!!!