Friday, November 26, 2010

Current events

So I have to say, I have been horridly irresponsible in relating to the internet what exactly I have been up to.
Trust me, its not that thrilling. And if I told you, well, I'd probably have to kill you! Things have been a bit stressful and I so much want to get into specifics, but let me just say that I want all my personal belongings in Colorado safely before I jinx myself. Understood?

I really can't believe my whole life has turned around on its head and jumped off the cliff on a bungee cord. Or at the very least, that's how it feels at the mo. Let me tell you,
... I do not ever intend to go bungee jumping. EVER. That should clue you into my current state of mind. That... and given the time of this post, you never know when I will have a wicked moment of clarity. I have made it through the last 60 days with unexpected and a most profound support from my family. And some members of this family had not really had much in the way of a real or civil conversation in maybe a decade or two. When I say that despite what's going on, that I am truly grateful for my family, you can be very certain, beyond any shadow of a doubt, I am 100% REAL.

I have to tell you, for once, I have chosen fantastic friends that haven't judged me and have supported my re-entry in Denver. Thanks to my best friend, I have even met a few new friends! How do you like that?! Gratitude and humility have been at the forefront of my mind in the last few months, my head survived a corporate restructuring and hefty downsizing. I guess Carrrie Bradshaw would say it best: "My head is in the witness protection program." The problem I have with that is I can never re-emerge as myself. Hmmmm.....oh my god...maybe that's the point!!! Perhaps, this is a self-proclaimed self-preservation mode til a new version of me is released. I know you have all been so patient. Keep checking back.

And yes, I will keep updating my book and movie list. And I will let you know when a new blog is released that best describes the newer version of me. You will probably have to email me first!