Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sexy MF

To the one of the great musicians, Prince Rogers Nelson:

I recently read of your death on Thursday by lunch time. I was shocked.   So many people are mourning your death right now and for sure there's lots going on at First Avenue. The POTUS actually made a statement about you.

Thank you for being you. Your music from beginning to end changed me and I am so grateful for your insane amount of talent and your ability to share that unbridled talent with the world. You want to know what you and I had in common? How could a white Jewish young teen girl identify in any way, shape or form with you? Everything and nothing. I was young when you were just starting your stardom and making a name for yourself. I was blessed with the timing of your rise and starting to really pay attention to music back then. I had absolutely no friends, no social skills and no confidence. My parents were divorced and I had nothing to occupy my time, but music and TV. One night, I was at my father's house for the weekend and we all watched Purple Rain. I know that sounds so odd. That my father let us kids watch it and i was a young teen then. I loved it. It touched me.  Yes, it was a long time ago. Yes, I barely remember exactly the feelings. It was a general idea that this kid will survive and obtain greatness. I felt the rawness you had, the heart. Most of all, the talent.  Then you went on and continued on and showed more of your greatness.  I also remember that your 1999 album was one of my first albums ever. Back in a time that we only had albums!

I have got to hand it to you, your music made me realize that there is reward for uncensored raw talent; many didn't care for that. Especially Tipper Gore. I loved Darling Nikki and with that, you made the Filthy 15. Congrats!! Playing Erotic City on my college radio station resulted in a call from the station manager. Awesome! I was listening to your music and carefully to your lyrics with no sexual  experience at all.  I was a virgin for all those teen years. While  listening to your provocative lyrics and even your ballad Purple Rain...I experienced a sense of heart and soul and uncensored sexuality in music vicariously through your lyrics.  While your music initially shocked me, it  instantly shook me to the core. "You can do this? They can play this on the radio?"....Thank you for giving me the courage to play your music, regardless of the outcome. Being true to yourself, overcoming obstacles, and pushing all the limits. You had so much honesty and passion! Since I was certainly unpopular growing up, I never had an opportunity to see a concert....watching Purple Rain was my concert, or as close as I was going to get.

I'll admit it, I don't know all of your songs. I didn't know you knew how to play a large range of instruments until after your death.  I'll tell you though, with the music I do have in my possession, I am enjoying my favorites as well as listening to some I never took the time to listen to prior to your passing. I am listening to some of them now while I write you this letter.  I hope one day my writing will be half as honest and soulful as yours.

Rest In Peace you sexy MF,

A fan among millions

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