Monday, May 9, 2016


I have been on vacation officially since 3pm on Friday afternoon. It has been so good to be back East with family. I had a busy weekend and now that it is actually Monday,  I actually slept during the day for almost 2.5 hours! I do NOT sleep during the day unless I am sick! I must have really needed some time off work!

I got to go on a short 3 mile  walk this morning and read and sleep. I love vacation! It is slightly cold and rainy here, but it made for perfect sleeping weather (after the walk, that is!).....Other than missing my dog Max tremendously, it has been good to get a break from Denver, CO. From work. From dating. From bills. From.It.All....I am more than prepared to go back on Sunday, but I just need to re-charge the batteries. For a week.

I will certainly blog when I get back to Denver and I have a few topics that I have been thinking about sharing.

Have a great week and if I get the chance, I may blog before Sunday!

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